Voice Changer

Voice Changer

Historically, a telephone voice changer required a hefty investment and a large box that looked like something right out of a spy movie.  Since technology has changed so rapidly, there are now companies that can change your voice on the phone by use of an app or a telephone service.

One of these services, called Spoofcard, was designed for those who care about their privacy when placing phone calls. You’re provided with extra anonymity by being able to fake the caller id and display any number as the number your calling from. This also helps protect your number from showing up on the recipients phone bill because the faked caller id number is displayed instead. This means that when using the service, there is no way for the person you called to call you back or know your real number if you don’t want them to.voice changer

Spoofcard is typically used by business professionals to display their office number as the calling number when calling from a cell phone outside of the office. This helps keep your cell phone number private and maintain a professional appearance. Another feature is free call recording so you can record your sales calls or important legal calls for future references!

In the past a voice changer typically required a user to speak into a piece of hardware as mentioned earlier, but now the voice changer is all software driven meaning there is no need for any additional apparatus. When placing a call via the software, you’re given the option whether you’d like to change your voice to sound like a man or a woman. Your voice is then automatically changed, in real time, as you speak during a conversation.

We don’t encourage users to make a prank call but this is also the ultimate tool for those prank phone calls to friends or family. You can use any number as the caller id, the voice changer and the free call recording features to really do the ultimate crank calls. Just use it responsibly!

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